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Impact basketball background world class results

Over 130 NBA Draft picks in the last 9 years have come through Impact as well as hundreds more undrafted free agents who have gone on to become professionals.

Impact philosophy

Impact’s system and philosophy.

Knowledge over drills and memorization


  • The fundamentals of basketball and the nuances of the game.

  • The importance of elite fitness, strength and conditioning, and performance.

  • The power of nutrition.

Basic philosophy

Everything players do OFF THE COURT is directly related to improvements ON THE COURT.

4 focal points

Impact's elite training experience.

Skill development

Individualized, advanced skill drilling in small, position-specific groups.

Food & nutrition

Individual nutrition consultation and analysis. meal plan guidance. precision supplementation program for each player.

Competitive training

Individual session with impact coaches to build the mental approach to training and playing in games.

Strength & conditioning

Complete bio-mechanical evaluation. NBA combine athletic testing. training. NBA-style strength and conditioning sessions daily.

Impact Certification Programs

Hands-on Interactive In-Person Training

(Offline Camps will include Online Courses)

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