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What is the IMPACT training camp?

What is now known internationally as Impact Basketball began in 1997, as former Division I coach, Joe Abunassar, applied his unique approach and combination of basketball skills training, strength and conditioning training, nutritional programming, and mental conditioning training, to guide the careers of several of the NBA's best players.

Who is Joe Abunassar?

For 25 years, Joe Abunassar and Impact have enabled players and coaches at every level to reach their potential. We pride ourselves on building skills, bodies, confidence, and knowledge in every player or coach we touch.

Our achievements speak for themselves: NBA MVP's, NBA All-Stars and NBA Finals MVP's, Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA Champions, McDonald's All-Americans, NBA Lottery and Draft Picks, High School All-State and All-League Selections . . . no training system in the world has produced more results at every level of the game than IMPACT.

Who has participated in the training camp?

Impact's influence reaches around the world to all levels of basketball players, families, and coaches. NBA veterans Kyle Lowry, Myles Turner, Serge Ibaka and Kawhi Leonard and young stars Kristaps Porzings, Troy Brown Jr, and Kendrick Nunn lead the way as a few of Impact's best known and successful clients.

Many international teams, including teams from China, Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and several countries from Europe and Central America, travel thousands of miles to the Impact facilities to develop and prepare and play international competition.

IMPACT Detailed Introduction

More information of summer camp

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