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When should I start the recruitment process?

The sooner the better. A recent survey showed that more than 65% of American coaches tend to start looking for promising players in the 10th grade (around 16 years old) or earlier.


Which schools do you work with?

In order to ensure that players can get into the best basketball training and study abroad experience, we only provide opportunities for admission to partner schools.  Our relationships with our partner schools ensure that we can provide the best service and development for players.  


What is NCAA?

The NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They oversee the rules and regulations for 1,200 Division I, II and III athletic programs. Any college-bound student-athlete (incoming freshman or first-year enrollee) interested in enrolling at an NCAA Division I or II college or university and competing as a varsity student athlete on behalf of that NCAA school’s intercollegiate athletics program, must receive an academic and amateurism evaluation certification decision from the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you are currently enrolled (or have previously been enrolled) as a full-time student at a university in a non-U.S. foreign country, you will be considered a transfer student-athlete during the process to enroll at an NCAA college or university.


Which schools are best for me?

We will analyze your athletic performance, academic performance and other personal conditions to determine which schools are best for you.  We want to ensure you get the best training and experience both academically and athletically.   We will work with our partner schools, coaches, and programs to discuss the best personal development plan for you. 


Can I become a professional athlete after graduating?


In some sports, players cannot turn pro if they haven’t gone to university or college for at least a year, but there are other leagues that can take you right out of high school or once you turn 18.


Full time training program, world class facilities, and professional coaching will benefit you as an athlete.

And you will be competing along and against some of the world’s best athletes around the world, who often travel to train in North America as well.


Can I continue to stay in the United States after graduating the program?

Yes, you can apply for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa which might open a lot of doors for you.


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