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About ASE Study and Training

Overseas Study and Training Program.

ASE Overseas Study and Training Program is tailored for student athletes around the world looking to become an elite basketball athlete and to be signed by our ASE Talent Agency for placements in basketball leagues around the world.  

Our program core integrates the best training practices from around the world and personalize to each student's needs to provide an elite education and player development.  

We have established contacts with a large pool of students and families throughout China through our events businesses and global reach with professional sports leagues around the world through our talent agency.  

By joining our Overseas Study and Training Program, we will tailor your education and training and develop you into an elite athlete.

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ASE Sports Training Program Network

Training Through Our Elite North American (United States and Canada) Basketball Training Program Networks

Placement Into Well Established Private High Schools And Their Basketball Programs  in North America

Established Connections and Resources In The Global Basketball Leagues And Their Businesses Around the World (NBA, CBA, Etc.)

Long-Term Partnership with NCAA D-I College Basketball Programs And Their Coaches / Teams

ASE's Overseas Study and Training Program Services


Trustworthy and personal support from our team.


Full service study abroad support from application processes to onground teams in North America.


Personalized study abroad development program with customizable education and training at North American elite private high schools schools and basketball programs.


Continue assistance throughout the program, including expertise support for college admission application processes and talent representation for placement in the NBA, CBA, and other leagues around the world.


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