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ASE Businesses

Atlanture Sports and Entertainment is the holding organization for 3 key businesses.

3 key businesses

Business and events operations, training and development programs (athletic and academic), and talent agencies with IP businesses. We connect the disconnects.

We are the bridge between markets around the world in the sports and entertainment industries. We provide expertise and professional services in the sports and entertainment industry around the world.

ASE Events

The official events agency for CHBL, CJBL, and CSBA.

ASE Event provide quality professional basketball event services for basketball fans in China.


We are the official events agency for CHBL, CJBL, and CSBA for almost two decades, covering over 32 provinces and cities, thousands of schools, with tens of thousands of participants every year, and reaching millions of fans throughout China.

ASE Training Programs

Impact Basketball.

Impact provides world-class, comprehensive on-site skills training, strength and conditioning, nutritionist and athletic therapy.


Since 1997, we have over 30 years of combined NBA Draft preparation experience and have helped produce over 85+ 1st round NBA Draft selections, over 50 NBA All-Star appearances, and hundreds of NBA players.


We have designed and implemented the development program for multiple NBA players, NCAA players, CBA players, and Euroleague players. In addition to professional athletes, Impact has trained hundreds of international junior high and high school students and teams throughout the world.

ASE Talent Representation

Multi-cultural, multi-language, global talent agency.

ASE Talent Representation is our talent agency and IP business arm. We have dozens of NBA and CBA stars under our management and is a considered one of the top basketball talent management agencies in China.


We help our talents develop their brand and IP for monetization and take care of our talents’ future financial needs.


Our IP team helps bring awareness and engagement for our talents to help them increase their overall business needs.

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