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Atlanture Sports and Entertainment is the holding organization for 3 key businesses

Business and events operations, training and development programs (athletic and academic), and talent agencies with IP businesses. We connect the disconnects.

We are the bridge between markets around the world in the sports and entertainment industries. We provide expertise and professional services in the sports and entertainment industry around the world.



Hoop Battle

Founded in 2015, it is a subsidiary of Nenking Group. With the rich resources and much experiences of Nenking Group, we strive to provide good quality and professional one-stop basketball service for the majority of basketball fans and build a national basketball system.

Since the establishment of basketball sports, the business has developed rapidly. Through many successful cooperation cases, it has been highly recognised by the market, also we have successfully established a professional basketball and a high-end brand image.

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Impact Basketball

Hoop Battle is our Business and Events Operations arm. Hoop Battle has been the official events’ organizer for China’s Jr.

High and High School Basketball Leagues and also does events and has business operations throughout the world.

We are connected to hundreds of thousands of student athletes and their parents in China and the rest of the world and can sell them packages for training and development programs (ath- letic and academic) as well as other products/services that student athletes need.

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ASM is our talent agency and IP business arm. ASM has dozens of NBA stars under its management and is a considered one of the top talent management agencies in the world.


We help our talents develop their brand and IP for monetization and take care of our talents’ future financial needs. Our IPs help bring awareness and engagement for brands to help increase their overall business needs.

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